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China overtakes France as Algeria's largest supplier in Q1

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ALGIERS, April 22 (Xinhua) -- China became the largest supplier of goods to Algeria for the first three months of 2014, according to a Tuesday report by National Center for Information and Statistics in the Algerian Customs department.

According to the center, China exported 1.87 billion U.S. dollars worth of goods in the first three months of 2014.

France came in second with exports worth 1.67 billion dollars, followed by Italy with 1.26 billion dollars, Spain with 1.21 billion dollars, and then Germany with 810 million dollars.

China entered the Algerian market a decade ago, but it has gradually managed to overtake France and became Algeria's largest partner for the first time, with non-oil trade exchange worth 8 billion dollars.

The volume of annual trade exchange between the two countries has increased by a billion dollars annually since 2007.

Algeria imports from China agricultural equipment, which amounted to 4.21 billion dollars in the first three months of 2014, in addition to cars, foodstuffs and semi-finished products.

In February 2013, Algeria and China upgraded their bilateral relations by signing a Comprehensive Strategic Partnership, the first of its kind since the establishment of diplomatic relations in 1958, widening cooperation in all fields.

Chinese companies operating in Algeria have also invested more than 20 billion dollars in various sectors, including construction and public works.

Algeria's main importers during the same period were mainly European countries, including Spain, Italy, France, Britain and the Netherlands.

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