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Executive Chairperson Wang Yiming attended assigning ceremony of Yunnan-Laos Memorandum of Education

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Oct.12, 2013 upon invitation by Yunnan Provincial Department of Education, Wang Yiming, Executive Chairperson of ECTPA and Chen Hangao, Vice Chairperson of ECTPA attended assigning ceremony of “Yunnan-Laos Memorandum of Education Supplement”, which includes providing university scholarships annually for 10 Lao students who will study at Kunming Medical University in the next five years, 50 students in total in 5 years; broadcasting an hour a day Chinese teaching programs provided by the Yunnan Provincial Department of Education on Lao state TV.

Since the second half of 2012, by making use of the advantages of long term relationship set up by trade and foreign aid projects with Laos and its language proficiency, membership enterprise Ji Hai Group has proactively undertaken the communication and implementation work of Yunnan Provincial Department’s project in Laos. After a year of efforts, it has realized achievements of setting up Yunnan-Laos Education Cooperation Project Vientiane Office with the approval of both Chinese and Lao government and the signing of Supplement.

Executive Chairperson Wang Yiming introduced ECTPA in the meeting and spoke highly of Ji Hai’s contribution in Yunnan-Laos cooperation. She also encouraged more enterprises to “go out” for cooperation in cultural exchange, education and public health between the two countries.  

Units participated in the ceremony from Chinese side include: Provincial Department of Education, Gateway construction office in provincial NDRC, ECTPA, Kunming Municipal Department of Education, Kunming Medical University, Ji Hai Group, etc. Representatives from Laos include Sengdeuane LACHANTHABOUN, Deputy Minister of Education of Laos and other 11 representatives.


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