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New wave of foreign investment expected in China

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BEIJING,Sept. 21 (Xinhuanet) -- The Shanghai Free Trade Zone - approved but yet to be launched, is generating media headlines. Our reporter Cheng Lei is in Shanghai to introduce the impact of the free trade zone to China's economy.

The dazzling skyline is only possible after 23 years of development since the Pudong new area was first established. The set up of the Shanghai free trade zone is likely to take the city’s economy to a whole new level.

"The Shanghai free trade zone plays a positive role in promoting the country’s economic growth. The free trade zone should be extended nationwide to further open up China’s economy," said Gary Liu, Dep. director of CEIBS Lujiazui Institute of Int'l Finance.

"In the short term, the free trade zone will stimulate the real estate market on the Pudong and give a boost to the logistics industry."

More than a century ago, the first foreign companies set up shop here, what’s known as the bund. The financial reforms proposed by the Shanghai free trade zone may bring a new wave of foreign investment in china.

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