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Chinese enthusiasm for Japanese goods dampened

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BEIJING, Aug. 23 (Xinhua) -- China-Japan trade has posted consistent declines since early this year, with words and actions by Japanese politicians and government to blame, a Chinese Ministry of Commerce (MOC) spokesman said Friday.

In the first seven months, bilateral trade fell 8.8 percent year on year to 174 billion U.S. dollars. China's exports to Japan decreased 3.5 percent to 83.19 billion U.S. dollars, while imports dwindled 13.2 percent to 90.81 billion U.S dollars, according to the ministry.

At a press conference, ministry spokesman Shen Danyang attributed the declines to a number of factors.

Drooping U.S. and EU markets have weakened demand for Chinese goods, which has led to a dip in China's imports of raw materials and components from Japan.

The depreciation of the yen has led to rises in prices of Chinese goods, which has damaged China's exports to Japan.

Shen also said wrong words and actions by the Japanese government and its politicians have affected Chinese consumers, leading to declines in the sales of Japanese cars, home appliances and machinery parts.

"Sino-Japan trade ties are hard-earned after years of efforts by both sides, which needs tender care," he said.

"We hope the Japanese side will work together with China to move toward each other, and properly handle problems to provide favorable conditions for bolstering bilateral trade," he added.

China is Japan's largest trading partner. In 2011, bilateral trade hit a record 345 billion U.S. dollars.

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