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China Railway Corporation targets freight transport market

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BEIJING, June 15 (Xinhua) -- The China Railway Corporation, a commercial arm separated from the nation's ex-railways ministry, said Saturday that it will push its freight transport services to cover a bigger market.

A company spokesman said it will work toward that goal through a slew of reforms focused on efficiency and better services, in efforts to transform the company's freight transport into a modern logistics business.

The China Railway Corporation will simplify procedures regarding customers' needs in freight transport, such as offering direct and fast services via its platforms including hotlines and its Internet-based service platform 12306.cn, the spokesman said.

The website is also the primary service providing passengers with online ticket bookings and ticket refunds in case passengers want to cancel a trip.

In March, China dismantled its Ministry of Railways into administrative and commercial arms to reduce bureaucracy and improve efficiency. The ministry, both a policymaker and service provider, had long been criticized for low efficiency and unpleasant services.

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