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ECTPA delegation visited Chinese Embassy in Thailand

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In the morning of March 21, 2013, led by Ms Wang Yiming, the Executive Chairman of ECTPA and Xu Zhonglin, Vice Chairperson of ECTPA, ECTPA 21 people delegation visited Chinese Embassy in Thailand. Guan Mu, Chinese ambassador to Thailand and Gao Wenkuan, Economic and Commercial Counsellor met with the delegation. Ms. Wang introduced the delegation, the purpose and achievement of the business trip and the e-commerce platform.

Ambassador Guan Mu appreciated transnational e-commerce transactions platform and showed support to promote transnational e-commerce transactions platform’s landing in Thailand landing. And he showed support to Yunnan vegetable’s export to Thailand, Laos, Cambodia, and Malaysia and other nations, forming a circulation of production, distribution and sale.

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