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Chinese medical team provides free eye surgical treatment in Myanmar's Mandalay

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YANGON, Feb. 27 (Xinhua) -- A Chinese medical team started a free eye surgical treatment campaign in Mandalay, the second largest city of Myanmar in the north, Wednesday as part of the China-Myanmar "Paukphaw Friendship" activities.

The Chinese medical team from the first People's Hospital of Yunnan Province will conduct a four-day long surgical treatment on 200 cataract eye patients by a group of four surgeons as a follow- up activities of last year's "Tour of Sight".

The six-member medical team is headed by Mei Yan.

The free eye surgical treatment campaign, launched at the Mandalay Eye Hospital in the city, was inaugurated by Chinese Consul-General in Mandalay Yu Boren and Mandalay Social Welfare Minister Dr Win Hlaing.

Dr. Win Hlaing, said that the charity fully embodies the friendship of Myanmar and China and helps enhance the bilateral traditional friendly ties.

"Yunnan ophthalmologists medical team came to the Mandalay Eye Hospital for the first time, not only for cataract patients to relieve patients' pain and to enable them to regain the sight but also for enabling Myanmar medical personnel to learn advanced medical technology in cataract operations," said a doctor from Mandalay Eye Hospital.

In May 2012, a total of 361 Myanmar cataract eye patients had been treated under the campaign.

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