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China-ASEAN Bonded Logistics Port to be finished in 5 years

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Construction of the first phase of China-ASEAN Bonded Logistics Port project has been started at Majinpu industrial base in Kunming High-tech Industrial Development Zone recently.

The bonded logistics port, with a total investment of 9.9 billion yuan and a designed area of about 2800 mu, is expected to be finished within 5 years. As the largest one in the western China, it will be a comprehensive port that provides bonded warehousing, processing trade, international trade, e-commerce, futures trading services, etc.

Bonded trade, logistics and services are now playing an increasingly important role in the international trade between China and ASEAN countries, as the trade in goods between the two side is being turned into trade in investment gradually, said the former director of Foreign Economic Research Institute at Yunnan's 1st ASEAN Bonded Logistics Industry Development Forum.

Yunnan has been pushing forward cooperations with South and Southeast Asia in recent years. A platform of opening to the outside countries such as the logistics port is necessary for helping boost the economic development of the province.

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