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Thailand seeks cooperations on bamboo in Yunnan

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A seminar on the biodiversity and ustainable utilization of bamboo and rattan between China and Thailand has been held recently, discussing bilateral achievements on cultivation, process and marketing of bamboo and rattan.

The export of rattan products totaled 180 million dollars in China, showing an increasing trend. Thailand is a coutry with intensive bamboo cultivation on the world. The total area of bamboo reaches 454,486 hectares.

Thai representatives in the seminar said that both China and Thailand are rich in bambaoo resources. The utilization of bamboo enjoys a long history in China. They are in the hope of establishment of the long-term cooperation relation with China, especially Yunnan, so as to promote the bamboo industry in their country.

Thai scholars from Thailand will take part in the training of bamboo and rattan on cultivation, process and protection in Yunnan by the end of this month.

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