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Singapore is top infrastructural investment destination: survey

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SINGAPORE, Dec. 13 (Xinhua) -- Singapore is the top infrastructural investment destination out of 40 markets worldwide, a latest survey has found.

The survey by international consultancy EC Harris showed that Singapore scored high in all the key criteria used to rank the 40 markets, especially the maturity of its business environment and the transparency of its political and legal systems.

"Singapore will always be an attractive market to investors however much of the existing infrastructure is already world-class, " said Richard Marriott, the company's head of lenders and investors in Asia.

He said the developed existing infrastructure means that the biggest opportunities are likely to come in adopting a more innovative approach to how existing assets are managed.

China finished in the 18th place globally, ahead of its BRIC peers such as India at the 22th, and Brazil and Russia in the 31st and 35th places, respectively.

The report highlighted a host of opportunities in China for infrastructure investors, particularly in the central and west inland area where growing levels of urbanization had created vast geographic differences and a pressing need for new infrastructure.

"Private finance will be needed to fund the volume of infrastructure development planned in China over the next decade. However, not all of these schemes will be commercially lucrative and success will depend on how well risk is identified and mitigated at the outset," Marriott said.

The report ranked 40 countries by criteria such as the ease of doing business in each market, tax rates, per capita gross domestic product, government policy, the quality of existing infrastructure and the availability of debt finance.

Asia and the Middle East were emerging as attractive regions with infrastructure investment opportunities, but high levels of tax, bureaucracy and regulation threatened to undermine the future competitiveness of Western Europe, the report said.

Other countries making it to the top ten places include Qatar, Canada, UAE, Sweden, Norway, Malaysia, Netherlands, Australia and Chile.

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