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Kunming, Mandalay boost economic and trade cooperation

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Vice mayor of Kunming Ruan Fengbin(阮凤斌) met with a member of the political committee of Mandalay UKhinMaungTin(transliteration) in Kunming on November 29.

Leaders of the two sides exchanged ideas on bilateral cooperations in economy and education at the meeting. Mandalay, with a long history, is the second largest city in Myanmar. Cooperations and cultural exchanges between Kunming and Mandalay has been strengthening when the two cities established sister city relations in 2001. Kunming hopes that the Mandalay government delegation and more entrepreneurs, students can visit and study here in the future.

UKhinMaungTin, for his part, expressed pleasure to further promote economic and trade cooperations with Kunming and to learn more about city management and educational methods from Kunming. The Mandalay government delegation will also visit Kunming soon.

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