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ECTPA visited Kunming Ao Yuan Pipe Industry Co.,Ltd.

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Nov.22,2012, led by Vice Chairperson and Secretary General of ECTPA Li Jun, Vice Chairperson Shuai Jinkun, Wang Guoliang, Chen Hangao and Huang Yongzheng, all employees of ECTPA visited Ao yuan’s factory in Anning and received warm welcome from General Manager of Ao Yuan Pipe Industry Co.,Ltd. Dai Zhichun and other leaders. A meeting on work report was held.

At the meeting, General Manager Dai Zhichun extended appreciation to ECTPA’s effort on helping enterprises. Chief Engineer Tan Lianping made a product introduction. Ideas were exchanged among Ao Yuan and representatives from other membership enterprises. Vice chairperson and Secretary General Li Jun concluded the meeting and pointed out that ECTPA is going to make more efforts on helping enterprises to go out, fully playing its role on serving government, serving enterprises and serving community.

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