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Kunming, Jyvaskyla of Finland signed educational memo

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Zhang Zulin (张祖林), mayor of Kunming, met with Markku Andersson, mayor of Jyvaskyla City of Finland on November 21.

2004 witnessed a start of communication between two cities that established the sister city relations in 2008. They have developed cooperation and communications on economy, culture, environment protection and science.

Zhang Zulin said that some projects are expected to be carried out to bring benefits to people in both cities. He believes that the visit headed by Markku Andersson will further promote the bilateral cooperation.

Markku Andersson said that next year marks the 50th anniversary of the establishment the two's sister-city tie. An memorandum of understanding on education signed this time will provide a good platform for cooperation on education, upgrading bilateral relations to a new level. (Editors:Lynn, Minnie Mao)

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