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Myanmar to hold second green economy forum

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YANGON, Nov. 5 (Xinhua) -- The second forum on green economy and green growth will be held next week in Myanmar to promote and implement green economy and green growth, an organizer told a press conference Monday.

Organized by Myanmar Green Economy and Green Growth (GEGG) Association, the forum will take place in Nay Phi Taw from Nov. 13 to 15 and in Yangon on Nov. 16

A total of about 80 environmental experts from foreign countries and about 20 Myanmar experts will attend the forum, the organizer said.

The experts will discuss on 18 topics such as enabling policies and strategies, role and application of natural capital in economic development, enabling low carbon development for green economy pathway, renewable and low-carbon energy for people and business green growth in Myanmar, energy, water, food security, forests and people for sustainability and equity, sustainable and responsible tourist and long distance learning for sustainbality and natural resource management.

GEGG Association was established in April, 2011 to foster national and international partnership and mobilize knowledge and resources to support the programs and projects of Myanmar.

The first Green Economy and Green Growth Forum was held in Nay Phi Taw and Yangon in November, 2011, which was organized by former UN Assistant Secretary-General Dr. Nay Tun in cooperation with governmental and non-governmental organizations. International experts from eight countries presented their experiences and strategies and pointed out possible alternatives for Myanmar.

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