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Chinese language plays more significant role in global communications: Cambodian DPM

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PHNOM PENH, Sept. 5 (Xinhua) -- Chinese language has been playing more important role in global communications thanks to China's growing economy and expanding diplomatic relations around the globe, a Cambodia's senior official said Wednesday.

"Currently, Chinese language has not only gone popular in Cambodia, but also in the United States and Europe," Deputy Prime Minister Sok An, Minister in charge of the Council of Ministers, said during the inauguration of a 5-storey building at a Chinese Chong Zheng Kindergarten in Phnom Penh.

"There is increasing movement of learning Chinese language because more Chinese people have been doing business abroad, so the language is very important to communicate in business and foreign learners are easy to find jobs," he said.

Sok An said that in Cambodia, there are numerous Chinese schools including the Confucius Institute in Cambodia, which was established in December, 2009.

"This is a pride of bilateral relations between Cambodia and China," he said. "More Chinese learning in Cambodia will bring closer people-to-people connection between Cambodia and China."

Chinese is the second most popular language after English in this Southeast Asian nation.

Li Zhigong, political counselor at China's Embassy to Cambodia, attributed the rapid growth of Chinese language studies to Cambodian government's support.

"We thank the government of Cambodia for its openness policy in education. This gives opportunity for Chinese descendents living in Cambodia to learn and promote Chinese language and culture," he said.

"The more Cambodian people learn Chinese language, the deeper and stronger ties between China and Cambodia," he said.

Chinese schools have been mushrooming in this country in recent years. Currently, there are 57 Chinese schools with more than 40, 000 students throughout Cambodia, according to the Chinese Association in Cambodia. The figure doesn't include local private schools that offer part-time Chinese language courses.

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