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Kunming to add 33 more int'l flights each week

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People look at planes outside Kunming Changshui International Airport, in which 33 more flights will be added each week. [yunnan.cn]

Thirty-three more flights will be added each week in Kunming Changhui International Airport, including 14 direct flight from the city to Hong Kong.

Airasia Airline will open flights in Kunming this November, and by then Yunnan passengers can buy some discounted international line tickets without transferring in Chengdu. Besides, an air route connecting Luang Prabang and Kunming will be opened for the first time.

In details, Lao Airlines plans to increase two flights connecting Luang Prabang and Kunming every week. Singapore Silk Air MI MMP also schedules to added two flights connecting Singapore and Kunming each week. Thai Airways will increase two Bangkok-Kunming flights in a week. Two more flights connecting Seoul and Kunming will also be added every week. A total of 14 flights connecting Hong Kong and Kunming will also be increased.

The round-trip flights connecting Kuala Lumpur is scheduled to be opened in November by Airasia Airline and round-trip flights connecting Bangkok and Kunming are arranged to be opened next year. (Editor:Lynn)

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