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ECTPA Business Delegation held meeting with BCC

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April 5, 2012, led by Chairperson of ECTPA, Mr. Niu Shaoyao, ECTPA Business Delegation held a meeting with BCC in Kolkata. Chairperson Niu Shaoyao, Executive Chairperson Wang Yiming, Vice-Chairperson Wang Guoliang, China's Consul General in Kolkata Zhang Lizhong, President of BCC Ashok Aikat, and Vice President Rakesh Shan attended the meeting. Indian entrepreneurs from various fields such as municipal works, environmental protection, construction, trade, textile, energy and Chinese Delegation took part in the meeting.


At the meeting, Mr Ashok Aikat welcomed the visit of the Delegation and hoped that through this meeting, the two sides to reach a cooperative intent. Executive Chairperson Wang Yiming introduced the economic and social development of Yunnan province and ECTPA and expressed the Delegation's will to understand India, enhancing cooperation and exchanges with India. Consul General Mr. Zhang Lizhong described current situation of Sino-Indian trade and wished the conference be successful.


During the meeting, entrepreneurs from both sides talked and made exchanges on concerned fields and cooperative project. Chairperson Niu Shaoyao signed a MOU on behalf of ECTPA with BCC. After the meeting, Mr. Niushaoyao and Mr. Rakesh Shah made vote of thanks respectively. The meeting concluded successfully.

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