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China to amend regulations of green food labels

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BEIJING, Feb. 7 (Xinhua) -- The Ministry of Agriculture (MOA) has begun to solicit public views on a draft amendment to the current regulation of green food labels issued in 1993, according to the ministry on Tuesday.

The move is aimed at strengthening regulation in this area and to better safeguard the producers, marketers and customers, according to the draft.

The draft amendment defined the qualifications of the products for being labeled "green food," stipulating the production environment of products or the raw materials, the usage, packaging, storage and transportation of the products should all be in line with relevant laws.

It also stipulates the qualifications of enterprises for applying for a green food label. They should be able to bear civil liabilities independently, own the environmental conditions and technology for production of green food and have a sound quality assurance system, it said.

The statement also made clear the application and approval process of the green food labeling.

No business or individual may use green labeling without the permission of the China Green Food Development Center under the MOA, said the statement.

The opinion soliciting will end by March 10.

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