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Kunming tourism industry joints hands with Singapore

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Tourism promotion team of Kunming arrived in Singapore to display the tourism in Kunming, capital of Yunnan province.

As a well-known "garden city" worldwide, Singapore is a tourist destination with advanced tourism development. Tian Xin (田欣), director of China’s National Tourism Administration in Singapore Office introduced that as many as 1.17 million Chinese traveled to Singapore last year. With a significant increase, the number of tourists reached 1.22 million in the first three quarters this year. Meanwhile, China is one of the favorite tourist destinations for Singaporeans. The speedy and convenient land route passageway has attracted more travelers from Singapore to China.

Kunming has laid profound foundations on the tourism exchanges with Singapore. The tourism promotion trip aims to seek more cooperation opportunities and send tourism information to Singapore, attracting more Singaporeans to visit Kunming. (Editor:Lynn)

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