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Kunming's self-driving fleet promotes tourism in Cambodia

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A member in tourism promotion team from Kunming gives tourism brochures to a foreigner in Angkor Scenic Spot Cambodia. [Photo/ Yang Yan]

The tourism promotion team from Kunming left Poipet Port in Cambodia and arrived in Thailand on Dec 9. During the two days in Cambodia, the mission distributes the tourism promotion brochures to travelers in Angkor Scenic Spot, theaters and busy streets.

The mission arrived at Angkor Scenic Spot in Siem Reap on the afternoon of Dec 7. In order to see the splendid sunset in Angkor Scenic Spot, members in the mission hurried to the Phnom Bakheng as soon as they arrived at Siem Reap. They distributed tourism promotion brochures of Kunming to the local tourists. When tourists knew that the mission was from Kunming, they said: “You are awesome.”

On the night of Dec 8, they watched Angkor Wat Mysterious Smile of Buddha which was sponsored by an enterprise in Yunnan.

Mr. Cai, a 78-year-old Chinese residing in the U.S.A., said that he liked the Angkor in Cambodia very much, the wonders made of stones impressed him. He said the performance of Angkor Wat Mysterious Smile of Buddha was wonderful. He also liked Yunnan Nationalities Village and Dali in Yunnan and hoped to travel in Kunming some time.

Now, Cambodia has become one of the favorite tourism destinations of Chinese, with Chinese accounting for 30% of the total tourists in Cambodia. There were more than 180,000 Chinese visiting Cambodia last year and the figure exceeds 280,000 this year. There are about 5000 travelers go to Cambodia through Yunnan every year. (Editor: Lynn)

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