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Kunming motorcade promotes tourism in Vientiane

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A Laotian woman sells paper lanterns in the night market in Luang Prabang, Laos. [Photo/ Yang Yan]

China Kunming Southeast Asian Land Route Tourism Promotion Mission arrived in Vang Vieng, 160 km from the capital city Vientiane on December 4.

Zhang Zulin (张祖林), Kunming mayor, flied to Laos on special trip and met the motorcade from Kunming with people in Laos. A conference on the sister cities cooperation between Kunming and Vientiane have been held to promote the economic social development.

On the morning of December 2, the motorcade gathered at Yunnan Nationalities Village and headed to Xishuangbanna. The teammates in the motorcade could feel it gets warmer and warmer. The trip to travel around five counties in Southeast Asia takes 24 days. One of the teammates said: "this trip enables us to enjoy one month more summer this year."

After nearly twelve hours of driving, they arrived in Xishangbanna on the night of Dec, 2. The trip on Kunming—Bangkok Highway was very smooth.

On the morning of Dec, 3, the team entered the border of Laos through Mohan Port. Bananas and coconuts are cultivated on both sides of the road. After nearly 300 km winding mountain road, they arrived at Luang Prabang which was the second biggest city in Laos.

Many of them visited the night market where wood wares, artworks, fabrics, cloths, paper lanterns, tea and coffee were on sale. They enjoyed the fantastic exotic styles while drinking a glass of fruit shake in the snack street. To their surprise, 90% of the sellers were women.

The motorcade headed to Vang Vieng early on the morning of Dec 4, sightseeing the magnificent landscapes and villages along the driving line. Floating on the Nam Song River, they exclaimed and said: "What beautiful scenery!"

Three days after leaving Kunming, they hurried to Vientiane for the first tourism promotion. The mission plans to drive in Thailand on Dec 6. (Editor: Lynn)

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