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China's paper sector eyes 18% reduction in energy use by 2015

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BEIJING, Dec. 4 (Xinhua) -- China's major paper producers aim to lower the energy and resources consumed to turn out a tonne of paper by 18 percent at the end of 2015 from the level in 2010.

In a written proposal signed by nearly 100 paper makers released on Saturday, they pledged to fulfil their social responsibilities and push for greener industrial development.

According to Qian Guijing, deputy head of the China Paper Association, the paper-making industry brought down the energy and resources consumed to turn out a tonne of paper by at least 18 percent in the five years to 2010.

During the same period, the average water consumption was down 17.5 percent. The Chemical Oxygen Demand (COD) of major pollutants was down by at least 53 percent. The originate pulp used to make a tonne of paper was lowered by 20.4 percent, Qian said at an industrial forum Saturday.

He said that during 2011-2015, the industry aims to lower the water use by 18 percent. COD of major pollutants will decrease 10 percent.

The use of biomass energy will be lifted to 20 percent of the total energy consumption, he said.

By the end of last year, China's annual paper output hit about 100 million tonnes. The fast-developing yet highly-polluting industry also poses grim challenges to the nation's emission cut efforts.

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