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Chinese enterprises urged to make full use of gov't-sponsored labs for innovation

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BEIJING, Nov. 26 (Xinhua) -- Chinese enterprises have been urged to make full use of their national-level key laboratories, which were built with government funding, to boost their technological innovation capabilities.

Addressing representatives from government-sponsored key labs in enterprises Friday, Wan Gang, minister of science and technology, urged local firms to revive industries through indigenous research and development.

"World-famous companies usually have their own research laboratories or institutes, established with an aim to promote their development through sustained technological innovation," Wan said, urging local firms to follow the fashion.

Ministry figures show that the Chinese government has so far funded the establishment of 96 national-level, enterprise-based, key laboratories, of which 45 are in central government-owned companies, 25 in local-government-owned firms, and 26 in private enterprises.

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