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Kunming speeds up to build Pan-Asian railway

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A news conference on the international thoroughfare connecting Yunnan and Southeast and South Asia was held on October, 27. The eastern line of the Pan-Asian railway is expected to open in 2013.

Li Jiming, vice director of Department of Commerce in Yunnan, Li Wenbing, vice director of the National Development and Reform Commission in Yunnan and Wang Xiliang has introduced the present construction of Pan-Asian railway and cooperation with neighboring countries.

"At present, the constructions of high class roads connecting Vietnam, Laos, Myanmar and Thailand have been basically completed," said Wang Xiliang(王喜良), vice director of the National Development and Reform Commission in Yunnan.

InKunming: What challenges is Yunnan facing when cooperating with neighboring countries?

Li Jiming: Yunnan is facing fierce competitions from domestic enterprises and developed countries in Asia, especially Japan and Korea.With comparatively weak business capacity and risk prevention awareness, companies in Yunnan are superior to multinational groups.

Besides, talents who are familiar with international rules and management are deficient in Yunnan. Enterprises are incompetent in protecting their rights by international rules and laws. Yunnan is lack of coordinating system of "going global", which causes that enterprises running international business are scattered. The defective laws, corrupting in neighboring markets has greatly increased the costs and risks.

InKunming: Can you introduce the construction of the eastern, middle and western lines of Pan-Asian railway?

Li Wenbing: The pan-Asian railway connects Kunming and Singapore, covering the lands of Vietnam, Cambodia, Myanmar, Thailand and Malaysia. In the border of China,the railway is built into three part, namely, eastern line, middle line and western line. The eastern line is Kunming—Yuxi—Mengzi—Hekou—Hanoi in Vietnam. The middle lines are as follows: Kunming—Yuxi—Pu’er—Jinghong—Mohan in Thailand; Jinghong—Daluo—Mandalay in Myanmar. The western line are Kunming—Dali—Baoshan—Ruili; Baoshan—Mangshi—Tengchong—Myitkyina in Myanmar.

Now, the line connecting Kunming and Dali has come into service. The line from Yuxi to Mohan is still under contrition.

InKunming: Can you introduce the construction of China-Myanmar petroleum pipeline?

Wang Xiliang: The construction has started. We expect the fast completion of this project. Kunming is scheduled to build an oil refinery to fill in gaps in the petrochemical industry in Yunnan.

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