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Kunming, China Three Gorges Corporation to strengthen cooperation

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China Three Gorges Corporation will cooperate with Kunming on multi-field developments, including clean energy, headquarters economy and infrastructure. Yesterday, a signing ceremony of strategic cooperation agreement was held in Kunming.

Chen Fei, General Manager of China Three Gorges Corporation, said that Kunming owns rich solar and wind energy resources, which brings a broad space for development. Cooperation between Kunming municipal government and China Three Gorges Corporation will be a win-win situation. "We are optimistic about Kunming."

China Three Gorges Corporation (CTGPC) was founded in 1993. CTGPC is a wholly state-owned enterprise with registered capital of RMB 111.598 billon. It is strategically positioned to become a clean energy conglomerate specializing in large-scaled hydropower development and operation. CTGPC’s principal operations include hydropower project engineering, construction and management, electricity production, and provision of related technical services.(Reporter:Ryan Li, editor:Minnie Mao)

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