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China to build Henan-centered Central Plains Economic Zone for balanced growth

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BEIJING, Oct. 7 (Xinhua) -- China's State Council have issued a guideline on supporting central Henan Province to be built into a Central Plains Economic Zone for balanced development.

The guideline, publicized on Friday, positioned the Zone, covering entire Henan and radiating to the surrounding areas, as "a key grain production and modern agriculture base, a national model of coordinated development in industrialization, urbanization and agricultural modernization, an engine of national economic growth, a modern traffic hub as well as a center of Chinese civilization inheritance and innovation," taking advantage of its geographic location, abundant grain production, immense market potentials and solid cultural foundation.

The plan was made to secure food supply and promote the balanced development of different regions, it said.

It set the goal that the zone would preliminarily take shape by 2015 and be further built into a prosperous, environmental friendly region by 2020.

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