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China policies aim to steady trade

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China is taking proactive steps to stabilize the nation's trade during all the global economic uncertainty. Measures from the Ministry of Commerce come as disagreements heat up over trade barriers between Europe and China and the US and China.

China's export-orientated companies are in hot water.

With debt-ridden European countries their biggest customers, the industry is facing the prospect of a major slowdown and widespread closures.

But China's Ministry of Commerce says the nation's exports remain strong and have a healthy outlook.

Shen Danyang, spokesman of China Ministry of Commerce said, "I have two figures to show to you - exports in Guangdong Province rose 24 percent from January to August 2011 year-on-year, slightly above the nation's average level of 23.6 percent. Also, there are almost 1200 new export-oriented firms that opened in the first eight months of this year in Zhejiang. All of these facts show that despite the global difficulties, Chinese exports are on track."

To help Chinese exporters tackle difficulties ahead, the Commerce Ministry implementing additional trade policies.

Shen said, "The first step is to keep current export policies stable. Second is to create a better export environment, including the efficiency of trade, to reduce burdens and build a better international trade and development atmosphere. Lastly, we want to help local commerce departments assist their exporters."

China's trade though, is about more than just slowing growth in developing nations. Analysts say trade disputes are also heating up as the European Union and U.S. continue to

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