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Kunming’s 1st wind farm to run within this year

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Dafengyakou Wind Farm, the 1st wind farm of Kunming will start to generate electricity within this year in Fumin County, a county under the jurisdiction of Kunming, Yunnnan.

The installation of the 1st tower of the 1st fan has begun on August 5. The construction of Dafengyakou project started on May 19 this year, which was the 1st authorized wind power project of Kunming.

In total, 388 million Yuan has been invested in the project in the first stage, and 77.3408 million kwh of electricity can be generated annually. With the construction of Dafengyakou Wind Farm, 224,000 tons of standard coals can be saved and a total of over 1,560 tones of emissions of sulfur dioxide, carbon monoxide and smoke dusts etc can be reduced annually. (Editor:Lynn)

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