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Kunming ranks 1st in “5 happiest city” poll in micro blog

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Kunming ranks the 1st in a “5 happiest city” poll in micro blog, which was organized by Carlsberg Chill on July 20. A 15-day poll among the micro bloggers was launched to measure people's index of happiness or unhappiness in 5 cities, namely, Kunming, Shenzhen, Xi'an, Beijing and Zhengzhou.

As many as 66,418 micro bloggers took part in voting and listed their reasons of "happiness" and "unhappiness", so as to offer advices to constructions in these five cities. Kunming tops the five cities with an index of 77.18%, Xi’an the second.

Indexes from the micro blogs reflects the expression of happiness in the 5 cities and the final ranking corresponds to the feelings of people. The more relaxed a city with good natural environment is, the happier residents in this city will be. Most of users of the micro blog are young people whose living situations and the degree of mental health have direct effect on the cyber index of happiness of a city. Hence indexes are comparatively low in the commerce-intensive metropolises.

The first five reasons listed by the micro-bloggers of being happy living in Kunming are as follows: nice natural environment, moderate climate, rich food culture and comfortable life. While reasons for unhappiness are also shown as follows: traffic problems, improper planning of the urban constructions, the increasing living pressure, less rainfall and high housing price. (Editor:Lynn)

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