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Chinese FM calls for further ASEAN Plus Three cooperation for regional prosperity

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BALI, Indonesia, July 21 (Xinhua) -- Chinese Foreign Minister Yang Jiechi on Thursday called on ASEAN Plus China, Japan and South Korea (ASEAN Plus Three) to make more cooperation to promote regional prosperity.

Speaking at the ASEAN Plus Three Foreign Ministers' Meeting held here Thursday, Yang said ASEAN Plus Three cooperation had achieved active progress with the concerted effort of ASEAN, China, Japan and South Korea and he hoped all the parties can maintain the good momentum of development.

He proposed the ASEAN Plus Three nations further realize mutual benefits and create win-win situation to promote prosperity in the region.

To promote pragmatic cooperation among ASEAN Plus Three nations, he said the Chinese side hopes to enhance the effectiveness of the Chiang Mai Initiative Multilateralization and promote the construction of the East Asia Free Trade Area.

Yang said China promises to provide 1 million U.S. dollars to fund the East Asia Free Trade Area construction.

More efforts should be made to explore East Asia food security cooperation, reach agreement on ASEAN Plus Three Emergency Rice Reserves Schemes as soon as possible, and expand ASEAN Plus Three cooperation in such fields as science, education, culture, health, environmental protection and disaster relief operation, he said.

Yang said the Chinese side will join hands with Japan and South Korea to reduce the development gap among ASEAN countries, enhance connectivity and realize sustainable development.

He also proposed to take advantage of think tanks for ASEAN Plus Three development.The foreign minister said the cooperation mechanisms in East Asia and Asia-Pacific regions should complement each other to realize shared development. He added that the East Asia cooperation should adhere to openness, inclusiveness and ASEAN leadership.

The ASEAN Plus Three foreign ministers shared the view that the ASEAN Plus Three cooperation, which has engaged in vast fields and made remarkable achievement, has become one of the most energetic cooperation mechanisms in East Asia and the core of regional cooperation.

The ASEAN countries appreciate the efforts and contribution that China, Japan and South Korea have made for the regional cooperation.

All the parties hoped to further promote ASEAN Plus Three cooperation to promote regional peace, stability and development.

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