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China adheres to road of green industrialization: minister

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VIENNA, June 21 (Xinhua) -- China will adhere to the road of green industrialization characterized by higher science, better economic efficiency, low consumption of resources, less pollution and full use of labor advantages, said China's Minister of Industry and Information Technology Miao Xu Tuesday here.

Addressing the Ministerial Meeting on Energy and Green Industry, the minister stressed that to reach the goal of green industrial development, China will mainly accelerate the industrialization process by adhering to a green way of developing industry and vigorously promoting energy-saving and emissions reduction.

He said that industrial development provided fundamental materials and important support to socio-economic growth and it remained a long-term and strategic task for China to accelerate the process of industrialization.

At the same time, China will adjust structure and optimize layout of industry and facilitate industry transfer among different regions in accordance with the progress of industrialization and changes of consumption structure, he added.

On this basis, China will try to achieve the transition from an extensive form that depends on scale expansion and excessive consumption of resources to a sustainable development pattern that focuses on efficiency, quality and movement returns.

China will set more stringent requirements on energy consumption, environmental protection, quality and security, accelerate technological transformation and vigorously foster industries on environmental protection, energy conservation and new energies, in order to build a resource-saving and environment- friendly industry system, Miao said.

Also, China will stick to the principle of "laying equal emphasis on energy exploitation and conservation" while giving the first priority to energy-saving, optimize energy structure, increase the use of renewable resources and reduce per unit- product consumption, he said.

In the past five years, China's industry had grown by 11.6 percent annually while the energy consumption per unit of added industrial value had dropped by 26 percent accumulatively and 750 million tons of standard coals had been saved, he said.

However, energy consumption in industrial production in China accounts for 70 percent of the national total at present. It is an extraordinarily challenging task to develop industry in a green and low-carbon way, he admitted.

He also added that China will strengthen its efforts in international cooperation to respond to climate challenges and promote sustainable development of the world.

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