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Yunnan developed cooperations with SEA & SA

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In the recent years, Yunnan Province has developed comprehensive and multilevel cooperation in broad areas with countries in Southeast Asia and South Asia, which has laid foundations for the construction of the province as a "bridgehead" for China to open up to its southwestern neighbors.

Invited by leaders of Laos, Myanmar and Vietnam, Secretary of CPC Yunnan Provincial Committee Bai Enpei(白恩培) led a goodwill delegation to the three countries for a 10-day trip from November 17, 2010. During the visit, they have attended 32 foreign affairs and trade activities and unveiling ceremonies of 3 representative offices based in the three countries.

Qin Guangrong(秦光荣), governor of Yunnan Province had visited 5 countries in Indochina Peninsula and 5 Southeast Asian countries in 2007, 2009 and 2010, directly promoting a great many cooperation projects.

Yunnan, a border area province and home of 26 ethnic groups is sharing a 4,060-kilometer frontier line with Vietnam, Laos and Myanmar. It has been an important strategic gateway of China towards countries in Southeast Asia and South Asia.

The friendship between Yunnan and Southeast Asian and South Asian countries has a long history in over 2000 years. Early in Han Dynasty (206 BC-220 AD), "The South Silk Route", which was the earliest land link between China and Southeast Asia and South Asia, had been formed as a passage for international trade and cultural communications.More than 600 years ago, Zheng He, a Kunming native, had seven voyages to the western seas to develop both official and civilian relationships with other countries. During the WWⅡ, the Yunnan-based international channel including Burma Road, China-India Road, Hump Air Route, China-India Oil Pipeline and Yunnan-Vietnam Railway, had pushed the foreign exchanges of Yunnan to a new climax.According to sta tistics, in the past 30 years more than 200,000 officers in Yunnan Province have gone abroad on business, and over 80% of them were for science, labor service, training, economy and trade. At present, Yunnan Province has established relationships with more than 120 countries and regions in the world. Meanwhile, the trade and investment, as well as cultural exchanges between Yunnan and neighboring countries have achieved leapfrog growth.(Reporter:Lynn,editor:Minnie Mao)

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