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Pan-Asian Entrepreneurial Talent Center set up in Kunming

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Pan-Asian Entrepreneurial Talent Center that focuses on solving business and management problems was formally set up Saturday (May 7) in Kunming.

As the first high-end services platform in Yunnan, the center was cooperated with well-known universities around the world, such as: The University of Oxford and The University of Gothenburg, also providing entrepreneurial selection, training, support and offering diagnostic and counseling services specifically for growth-oriented enterprises.

Qiu He (仇和), Secretary of the CPC Kunming Municipal Committee and other officials attended the new center opening ceremony.

A senior official said in his speech that currently Kunming is experiencing shortages of high-level creative talents. Therefore, the established center will help to address this bottleneck, promoting high-level personnel training and introduction.

Professor Stephen Todd as the Associate Fellow at Said Business School of Oxford University (Centre for Entrepreneurship and Innovation) said he will help entrepreneurs of the talent center advance their skills in growing and managing their business.

In addition, more than 220 returnee entrepreneurs, business elites and managers have participated in the first training course on the same day.

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