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Yunnan to increase investment in water conservancy

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Yunnan will increase the investment in water conservancy to 18 billion yuan this year, said Kong Chuizhu(孔垂柱),vice-governor of Yunnan province on May 4.

Yunnan has been raising funds to promote the infrastructure construction of water conservancy for ten years. Compared with the investment of 2 billion yuan per year before 2001, the total investment in water conservancy has increased to 15 billion yuan till 2010. Chinese government has issued a document on improving the development of water conservancy, which means that the construction of water conservancy has been placed at a more important position in the construction and development of China. Local government has carried out related papers to promote the reform and the development of water conservancy.

"We must seize the opportunities to make a new progress in the construction of water conservancy", said Kong Chuizhu. Several main tasks need to be completed this year: the construction of forty water supply projects, stabilization works of nearly one thousands of reservoirs, construction of four hundred thousands of water conservancy projects etc.

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