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Cambodia receives 813 new companies in Q1

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PHNOM PENH, May 3 (Xinhua) -- Cambodia's Ministry of Commerce reported Tuesday it has issued operating license to 813 new companies in the first quarter of this year, up 48 percent from 549 companies at the same period last year.

Of the number, 99 companies are owned by Chinese, 90 firms by South Koreans, 90 by Vietnamese, 16 by Malaysians, 12 by Thais, and the rest owned by local business people.

Most of foreign-owned companies are dealing with agro-business, culture, tourism, IT and mining, said Hum Hean, director of the ministry's business registration department.

He added that the increase of business registrations in Q1 was due to globally economic recovery after the crisis, Cambodia's political stability with favorable laws and regulations.

"For practical example, we see that despite deadly clashes between Cambodia and Thailand over the border dispute, Thai firms have still opened their shops in Cambodia," he said, adding "this reflects their confidence in Cambodia's laws and business environment."

In 2010, the ministry had issued license to 2,572 new businesses, up from 2,003 in 2009a rise of 28 percent.

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