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Kunming, Medan signed letter of intent tourism cooperation

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A letter of intent tourism cooperation was signed between Kunming and Medan of Indonesia to strengthen the mutual tourism industry yesterday(April 30th).

Both cities will introduce local residents the tourism resources of the opposite side and encourage local travel agencies to arrange the opposite cities into travel lines through present promotion channels.

The mutual visit, cooperation and the participating in the important travel activities of the opposite city are required. The cooperation on the management of tourism service and personnel training will be strengthened.

Vice mayor Yangbi(杨皕)met with the Vice mayor of Medan Dzulmi Eldin and his group from Indonesia who come to Kunming to participate in Kunming International Cultural Tourism Festival.

Dzulmi Eldin said that Kunming is a nice city with huge development potential. He will bring home the experience learned in Kunming and enhance mutual cooperation on aspects, such as tourism and education.

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