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Yunnan increases vegetable exports to Japan

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Yunnan will increase exports of vegetables to Japan, according to Yunnan Provincial Department of Commerce.

The department of commerce's data shows that Yunnan’s total vegetable exports in 2010 were US$ 65.56 million, with wild edible mushrooms accounting for 85 percent, while vegetables had a relatively low export.

A destructive March 11 earthquake and tsunami in Japan’s northern coast set off nuclear problems by knocking out power to cooling systems at the Fukushima nuclear plant, and caused radiation leaks. Radiation has exceeded limits set for food in some vegetables in the affected areas near the plant.

Trace levels of radioactive isotope cesium-137 and -134 were detected in the air of at least 24 of the 31 Chinese mainland’s provincial-level regions, including Beijing, Shanghai, Fujian and Hainan, as well as Guangdong.

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