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Pan-Asian financial center to be constructed in south of Kunming

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Kunming Pan-Asian financial Industry Center Park is to be constructed in the Haigeng Road in Kunming.

The park is built to gather the financial institutions that run business in Kunming.

It will cover an area of about 1,600 mu and a financial industry agglomeration development center is going to formed in 2 years with financial institutions headquarters offices, receptionist operations and intermediary services. The new urban business center will be formed together with the secondary business districts in south of Kunming, such as the outdated Luosiwan Trade City, the First City of South Asia, etc.

The municipal government has been contacting with financial institutions in various regions. The first-phrase negotiations and preparations have been carried out with Chongqing Bank, Chongqing Rural Commercial Bank, Ancheng Insurance etc. successively to invite them to set up branches in Kunming. The three financial institutions have formulated to establish "Chongqing Financial Plaza" in the park. Besides, PICC Corporation is going to integrate its institutions in Kunming and enter the park. Its symbolic office building is planned to be constructed. Thirty-two local financial institutions will enter the park.

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