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Kunming looks rapid development of agricultural zones

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Eight agriculture parks in Kunming have been listed as “the key model zones for agriculture ", which provides platforms for the rapid development of agricultural projects in Southwest China.

The eight key model zones for agriculture will be introduced to some Southeast Asian nations in the next three to five years.

Agricultural produce electronic trading programs are expected to rely on some competitive agriculture industry, including flower, vegetables, forest and fruits in Kunming. Constructive cooperation between agricultural production, processing and marketing will boost economic partnership and create more common interests in multiple industries.

Investments and business operations have produced some good results in Shilin Yi Autonomous County.

Construction of the infrastructure systems within Agriculture Park of Shilin County began in July 2009. Through two years of development, the initial forms of industrial clusters have been formed in the county as its economy, covering bioindustry, flowers and traditional Chinese medicine.

About 30 thousand mu of infrastructures has already been established, with a total investment of ¥2.63 hundred million. So far, the county has seen more than 200 enterprises settle down in the agricultural zone.

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