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Yunnan becomes the base for Hongkong entering into the Southeast Asian financial industry

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Recently, the Provincial Academy of Social Sciences, Institute of Economic Research, Provincial Information Office, Hong Kong and Macao Affairs Office of Yunnan Provincial People’s Government, Department of Commerce, the Provincial Investment Promotion and Cooperation Bureau, and other units jointly issued the 《2010 Hong Kong-Yunnan Cooperation Report》 which reported that the further cooperation and exchanges between Yunnan and Hongkong in financial services sector have promoted the competitive enterprises in Yunnan Province to achieve the goals of overseas financing and listing in Hong Kong, also have attracted more Hong Kong financial industry enterprises to radiate to Southeast and SouthAsian market based on Yunnan and have sped up the construction of the bridgehead.

The report has pointed out that on the basis of Pan-PRD and ASEAN regional economic circles, Yunnan-Hong Kong cooperation has bred a new, vigorous direction on the development: excavating the complementary potential of high-end services of each place, enhancing the cooperation level under the opportunities of constructing Yunnan as the bridgehead in southwest of China. With the warming of the trade and the cooperation, Hong Kong remains the role of the main source of foreign capital, and Yunnan is becoming the base for Hongkong’s financial industry entering into Southeast Asia.

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