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By using foreign capital Yunnan Province achieved a new leap in 2010

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In 2010, even though affected by double impacts of the serious natural disasters and the international financial crisis, foreign investment in Yunnan Province still achieved a historic leap: 163 foreign investment projects were approved; the contracted foreign capital sum reached $ 1,518,000,000; 1.329 billion U.S. dollars of foreign capital was actually used, which was 46.03% over the same period of the previous year. Three provincial indicators of the foreign capital using reached new high levels. During the whole National Eleventh Five-year plan period, the foreign investment reached 3.8 billion USD, which exceeded the goal of the plan.

The main achievements were:

First, the scale for using foreign capital was expanded:

Newly approved wholly foreign owned enterprises, whether from the perspective of the project number (103) or the actual use of foreign funds ($ 695,880,000), were located in the first position; followed by the joint venture projects (50), whose actual use of foreign capital was $ 468,420,000, were in the second place; Chinese-foreign cooperative enterprise projects (9), with actual use of foreign capital of $ 68,380,000 were in the third place. In 2010, the province newly approved 1 foreign-invested joint stock limited corporation whose actual use of foreign capital was $ 96,340,000.

Secondly, the field for the use of foreign capital was expanded:

The most attractive fields to foreign capital were construction, manufacturing, electricity, gas & water production and supply, wholesale and retail trade; foreign capital actually used in the real estate industry only accounted for 8.24% in the whole industry classification of foreign capital used in Yunnan, which indicated that the utilization of foreign capital and the industry classification tended to be reasonable.

Thirdly, the transformation of the economic development ways and the industrial structure adjustment was sped up by using of foreign capital:

It was encouraged foreign capital invest in the photovoltaic, wind energy and other strategic emerging industries and infrastructures; foreign investments were actively promoted in the areas of transforming traditional industries such as Nonferrous metallurgical, expanding high-efficiency ecological agriculture, developing high-tech enterprises, strictly limiting surplus capacity’s expansion project.

Fourthly, the investment channels for foreign investment were further expanded and broadened:

In 2010, Yunnan Province provided high quality services efficiently to foreign investors to expand investment, financing channels and improve service quality; It encouraged A-share listed companies to introduce foreign strategic investors to realize powerful combination; it provided active support to those eligible enterprises to raise capital overseas and to those qualified foreign invested enterprises to reorganize and list in China; it is actively encouraged small and medium enterprises to expand financing channels.

Fifthly, regional distribution was becoming more and more rational and the park turned into an effective vehicle for foreign investment:

From January to December, the top five cities of the actual use of foreign investment in Yunnan were Kunming, $ 1,008,850,000, Diqing $ 87,060,000, Baoshan $ 33,640,000, Yuxi $ 32,310,000, Puer $ 30,330,000. 11 prefecture’s actual use of foreign investment exceeded $10 million, which was the best record in the history. State-level development zones played important roles as foreign investment carriers and platforms.

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