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Kunming-Bangkok channel heats the import and export trade

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By means of the advantages of the Kunming-Bangkok channel, the major ports Mohan and Guanlei along the thoroughfare made a new record in foreign trade amount: flowers, fruits, vegetables and other agricultural imports and exports grew rapidly.

Located in the southernmost part of Yunnan Province, bordering with Laos, Mohan is a Category-1 Port, the gateway to Laos, the only state-level land port, and the most convenient route to Southeast Asia, also one of the main channels of Lancang-Mekong sub-regional cooperation body and the best gate of China-ASEAN Free Trade Area.

Mohan port’s total trade volume was 230.7 thousand tons before Kunming-Bangkok Highway’s opening and import and export sum was 128 million USD. According to the Kunming customs’ statistics, after the opening of the Kunming-Bangkok Highway, in 2010, the import and export trade volume via Mohan port reached $ 753,000,000, an increase of 44.6%; import and export cargo reached 754,000 tons, an increase of 37.6%.

By the Kunming-Bangkok highway, fresh fruits and vegetables can be put in the supermarket of Bangkok in 2 and half days. Convenient customs clearance boosts the import and export of fruits and vegetables. According to the statistics, in 2010 the import and export were 76,879 tons, with an increase of 25.9%.The trade sum reached 121 million, which was double increased; fruit import and export volume were 56,958 tons, valued $ 80,140,000, with an increase of 45.3%; flower export volume was 6392 tons, with an increase of 76.2%; the flower trade sum was $13,900,000, an increase of 73.9%.

In addition, Guanlei port is also the beneficiary of the Kunming-Bangkok Highway. According to customs’ statistics, the import and export volume throughout the Lancang-Mekong international waterway grew rapidly. Import and export cargo reached 134,200 tons, an increase of 19.7%.

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