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ASEAN to allow skilled workers to seek cross-border jobs

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JAKARTA, Oct. 26 (Xinhua) -- Secretary General of the Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN) Surin Pitsuwan said Tuesday that skilled workers in the ASEAN countries would be free to seek jobs in any of the ten countries after the single community vision comes into effect by 2015.

"In the previous discussions about ASEAN Single Community regime, architects, engineers, physicians, dentists, accountants and people working in hospitality industry were included among people who would be free to seek jobs in ASEAN countries," Surin said in a video conference televised in ten ASEAN state members and dialogue partners prior to the conduction of ASEAN Summit in Hanoi on Oct. 28.

Further discussions and evaluation on each country's efforts to materialize the ASEAN's single community vision by 2015 would be conducted in Hanoi summit.

Besides allowing professional people to work in any ASEAN countries albeit of their nationalities, Single Community regime would free direct flights from airport of any ASEAN country to the approved airports in other countries within the region.

Besides that, English language would be used as the official language of people living in ASEAN region after the regime is implemented.

Surin said that teachers would be playing extremely important roles to prepare the youths in bracing for the highly competitive regime.

"In the future, our children would have to face tough competition in seizing good jobs in any countries in ASEAN. Only those with skills and fluent English to communicate would survive to seize the regional jobs," Surin said.

With the estimation that growth among countries in ASEAN would continuously grow in the future, the regime would pave the way for people in the region to freely travel within the region and seek jobs there.

As of last year, the average growth in the region that relatively less-impacted by global financial crisis has reached 9. 5 percent and is expected to surpass it in the following years.

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