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Australian commodity festival opens in Kunming

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Australian commodity festival kicks off in Kunming on July 12 with the hope to promote economic exchanges between the two countries, as this year marks the 40th anniversary of China-Australia diplomatic ties.

Residents can buy Australia-made wool shoes, wool beddings, essential oil, health care products, skin care products, food, beverage and other high-quality goods at Bolian Square and Parkson.

With nearly 300 varieties of goods on display, the commodity festival will last for 15 days.

Australian organizers also set a Australian wine school course for this year's festival. Visitors who take part in the wine-tasting activity can choose to join in a test. The one who passes the test can get a course-completion certificate awarded by Australian Wine Administration.

Australian Trade Commission aims to show high quality goods of Australia as well as propose a healthy and green idea of life for Yunnan consumers through this festival. Australia is the sixth trade partner of Kunming. So far great trade deficit exists between Kunming and Australia, which means that Australian commodities are quite attractive for Kunming consumers.

Kunming is also expecting to export more subsidiary agricultural products and cut flowers to Australia in the future.(Editors: Annie Kwok, Minnie Mao)

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