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Dianchi Pan-Aisa Int'l Food Festival to be held in October

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The 21th China Chefs Festival and the 1st Dianchi Pan-Aisa International Food Festival will be held October 18 to October 20 in Kunming.

Varieties of events will be presented on the occasion: Pan Asian banquet, Yunnan Food festival, China (Kunming) catering fair, Yunnan green food (materials) exhibition, exhibition for facilities on energy conservation and emission reduction, cooking competition, photographic exhibition etc.

A torch passing ceremony through 16 prefectures and cities in Yunnan will also be held during the festival.  

More than 1700 Chinese "master chefs" will show their cuisine skills at the festival. Meanwhile, the organizer will invite famous chefs from other countries, such as Thailand, Sri Lanka and Kazakhstan, to attend the festival.

By then, estimated 50 delegations of nearly 5,000 chefs from both home and abroad will be present at the festival, the organizer said.

This year's chefs festival will be held at Kunming International Convention and Exhibition Centre, and banquet exhibitions will also be presented in Wuhua District, Panlong District, Xishan District, Guandu District, Chenggong New District, Dianchi Holliday Resort and Shilin Yi Autonomous County.

During the National Day Holidays, a series of cuisine activities will kick off at the Old Street of Kunming, attracting more than 60 restaurants to display their dishes. (Editor: Ryan Li)

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