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1st Yunnan Jade-carving Exhibition in preparation

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Photo shows a jade carving and an artist.

The 1st Yunnan Jade-carving Exhibition will be held in the Kunming Pan-Asia Property Exchange Center from September 16 to September 22, for promoting the development of jade industry.

Series of activities will be held during the exhibition, including: election of excellent works and artists and collection exchange salons. At least, 30 jade artists’ works will be put for public auction and more than 3,000 works will be sold. After related expert review, 30 artists will be prized “Color Cloud Cup • Master Award”.

From August 5 to August 12, the organizers have already been to jade distributing centers including Tengchong, Dehong and Longling for collecting jade works and searching for excellent artists.

Yang Shuming (杨树明), 39 years, is the first artist who has been awarded “China jade-carving master” and also regarded as “the best jade-carving artist in Tengchong”. He has won various awards in jade-carving competitions and his works have been stored up by collectors at home and overseas. His new artwork, which will be exhibited on the jade-carving works exhibition, is being in made now.

Once Yang spent 100 yuan buying a piece of rubble which was a “waste” in some experts’ eyes, and carved a picture showing that one asks for lodging in snowing night in remote mountain on it. Someone prized this artwork at 3.6 million yuan.

Wang Chaoyang (王朝阳), an artist who stepped in jade carving at 20, can make “humble” rubbles into artworks. His artworks are divided into 3 themes: “Red revolution”, “ethnic groups’ cultures” and “man & nature”. He unscrambles his works like this: they express how I understand happiness.

Photo shows that a jade-carving artist is working.

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