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ASEAN Regional Forum to Hold in Kunming, in October 2010

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  The sixth ASEAN Regional Forum will be held in Kunming in the late October 2010. By the time, political leaders, experts and scholars from the Pan-Asian region will also attend the Bridgehead Economic Strategy Summit which will be held at the same time. Sponsored by the WTO and Legal and Trade Study Commission of China - ASEAN Free Trade Area (Shenzhen), the forum has been held for five times since 2005. It aims to discuss on the legal policy environment in the ASEAN Free Trade Area, introduce the current development of ASEAN countries and Chinese enterprises’ experience on investment in the ASEAN countries, promote the investment and trade between China and ASEAN. Held once a year, the forum is in turn sponsored by Shenzhen, Beijing and Yunnan respectively. The sixth ASEAN Regional Forum in Kunming is co-hosted by Yunnan Provincial Development and Reform Commission and Yunnan Association of South and Southeast Asia Economic and Trade Cooperation.

  Different from the previous forums, this forum will be held during the "Bridgehead Economic Strategy Summit" in which issues like the economic strategies for the pan-Asian region will be discussed. Thus, guests attending the summit are political leaders, experts, scholars and local chief Executives from the Pan Asian countries.

  As the world pattern changes, Chinese government made a timely decision to develop Yunnan to be an important bridgehead oriented to the southeast, construct Xinjiang oriented to the west, and build Hei Longjiang oriented to Russia so as to improve the country’s border strategies.


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