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China International Auto Parts Expo (CIAPE)

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  The automotive industry is one of the industries having the highest level of internationalization in the world. In today's economic globalization, enterprises need to adapt a global perspective, focus on global resources and market and participate in international division and competition for their survival and development.

  Facing the global financial crisis, the Chinese government releases the new stimulus package for automotive readjustment and advancement which says as the following eight measures: cultivating auto consuming market, promoting auto industry reshuffle, supporting self innovation and technical improvement, conducting new energy strategy, backing up domestic brand, carrying out the strategy of auto products export, developing modern auto services etc.

  To promote communication and cooperation in the international automotive industry as well as to strengthen self-innovation abilities of automobile and auto parts enterprises and to upgrade their international competitiveness, Ministry of Commerce of P.R. China decides to hold China International Auto Parts Expo annually.

  As an important platform for the communication and cooperation in the international automotive industry, CIAPE will promote China's auto parts industry to participate in global competition and cooperation, deepen international division, optimize the supply chains, thus will play a positive role in the development of the world’s automotive industry.

  Special Offer

  Free Accommodation and free transportation from appointed hotels to the exhibition center for 3 days (from 24th to 26th September, 2010) are offered for all pre-registered domestic and overseas professional visitors: auto parts buyers, traders, distributors, dealers; purchasers, R&D personnel, market specialists from automakers and auto parts suppliers. The deadline for online registration is Aug. 31, 2010.

  Typical Characteristics of CIAPE 2010:

  1. Held by the Chinese Ministry of Commerce, CIAPE represents the latest development of the Chinese automotive industry, and offers a platform for sourcing, communication and cooperation by gearing up restructuring and sustainable development of automotive enterprises.

  2. Oriented to the global OE and aftermarket.

  3. A showcase of hi-tech and preeminent engines, transmissions as well as competitiveness of suppliers from China and other countries.

  4. None of the Chinese exhibitors has records of IPR infringement or dispute.

  5. A gathering attracting domestic and international R&D, purchasing, distribution, trade and maintenance professionals in the automotive manufacturing, circulation and maintenance fields.

  6. High-level summit and technology forums, quality global sourcing and match-making seminars.

  CIAPE --- An international platform held by the Chinese government

  Held by Ministry of Commerce (MOFCOM), P. R. China, China International Auto Parts Expo (CIAPE) is the exclusive internationalized auto parts exhibition held by the Chinese government, which is held in accordance with the principles of globalization, specialization and the market requirements.

  Oriented to the global OE market and aftermarket, CIAPE introduces the development level and trend of growth of both China’s and international automotive industries. It serves as a platform for the release and commercialization of new products, technologies and materials, establishment of brand image, introduction of advanced technologies, equipment, key parts, sophisticated management and overseas intellects. It also aims to promote import and export, exploration of new markets, investment and cooperation both in China and abroad, interaction between R&D and production, and multilateral communication. CIAPE provides to Chinese and international auto parts industry an inclusive and multi-perspective platform for exhibition, trading, communication and cooperation.

  During CIAPE, international auto parts summit forum and seminars will also be held to discuss global hot topics, the latest developments and technology trends in the industry. Various activities including global sourcing seminar, technology and innovation seminar, circulation and aftermarket seminar, match-making meetings, training as well as dialogs will provide exhibitors and purchasers with comprehensive value-added services.

  Review to CIAPE 2009

  China International Auto Parts Expo (CIAPE) 2009 was held in China International Exhibition Center (Old Venue) in Beijing from Sept. 24 to 26, 2009. 1,255 exhibitors and 46,030 trade visitors from 126 countries and regions around the world have exhibited and acquired information about the latest products, innovation and brand images in CIAPE 2009. The top 10 countries and regions with the largest number of visitors are Russia, Japan, the USA, Korea, Iran, Germany, Taiwan China, Hongkong China, Canada, and Turkey.

  CIAPE 2009 is supported by 32 automotive societies covering 10 countries in China, Germany, the US, UK, France, Italy, Japan, Korea, Spain etc, 45 embassy in China such as the USA, Canada, Israel etc, the 9 famous multinational automobile groups like GM, Volkswagen, Toyota etc, the world’s top 4 auto parts corporations as Bosch, Denso, Delphi etc and 20 major domestic automotive groups like FAW, SAIC and Dongfeng etc.

  CIAPE 2009 involves a wide spectrum of important suppliers from 19 important countries and regions such as China, the US, Germany, Japan, Korea, Canada, Switzerland, Israel, Taiwan China etc which include Bosch, Denso, Bridgestone, Shell, Dow Corning, ThreeBond, SAIC, FAW, Dongfeng, Beijing Hainachuan Automotive Parts Co., Ltd., Fawer, China National Heavy-Duty Truck Group, Shaanxi Fast, Zhejiang Wanfeng Auto Wheel, Ruili Group, Zhejiang Asia-Pacific Mechanical & Electronic Co., Lt, Inner Mongolia OED Engine, Shandong Gold Phoenix Group, etc. and other well selected auto parts companies from all the 28 provinces and cities.

  CIAPE 2009 conducts admission qualification for exhibitors. It sets up IPR protection office and there is no dispute caused by IPR infringement during the show.

  Along with CIAPE 2009 are 12 correspondent activities including Summit Forum, AIAG Auto Parts Purchasing Leadership and Supplier Forum, Center for Automotive Research---Sino-US Auto Parts Match-making Meeting, Bosch Automotive Technology Media Workshop, 2009 CBU Seminar, and Gasgoo Beijing Auto Parts Match-Making Events 2009, etc. All these fringe activities are highly welcomed by the attendees.

  Exhibitors and visitors hold a very high opinion of CIAPE 2009 for its scale, integrity and its progress in internationalization and professionalism. They all share the opinion that CIAPE, as an independent platform for international display and trade, not only serves as a convenient channel for enterprises to contact with world leading purchasers and suppliers but also promote the brand image of China’s auto parts to the world. It showcases the overall level of China auto parts industry, represents the large power of the state level platform and conveys the confidence and sustainable development of China auto and auto parts market against current global financial crisis.


  Dates: September 25-27, 2010

  Frequency: Annual

  Floorage: 70,000 sq. m.

  Open to: Professionals

  Venue: China International Exhibition Center (old venue), Beijing

  Address: 6 East Beisanhuan Road, Chaoyang District, Beijing

  For any enquiry concerning China International Auto Parts Expo, please refer to


  The Organizing Committee:


  The Secretariat : Mr. Meng Fanxue, Miss Guo Yuanxiu, Mrs. Zeng Ting

  Tel.: +86-10-68991656, 68991409, 68991446

  Fax: +86-10-68991944

  Email: master@iapechina.com; guoyuanxiu@iapechina.com; zengting@iapechina.com



  Exhibitor and visitor enquiries: Mrs. Zhang Yazhu, Mr. Meng Fanxue

  Tel.: +86-10-68991436, 68991656

  Fax: +86-10-68991422

  Email: info@iapechina.com; enquiry@iapechina.com; mengfanxue@iapechina.com


  Asia: Mr. Liu Chang, Miss Zhang Meng, Mr. Xie Yufeng

  Tel: +86-10-68991734, 68991427, 68991766

  Email/メ-ル: asia@iapechina.com; liuchang@exh.genertec.com.cn; xieyufeng@exh.genertec.com.cn


  Europe: Miss Zhai Danya, Miss Hu Weiwei

  Tel: +86-10-68991457, 68991769

  Email: europe@iapechina.com; 11zdy@163.com



  America: Miss Sha Xiaoli Miss Zhang Rui

  Tel: +86-10-68991272, 68991359

  Email: america@iapechina.com; shaxiaoli@exh.genertec.com.cn


  Oceania: Miss Nie Fei, Mr. Cong Tiepeng

  Tel: +86-10-68991464, 68991894

  Email: oceania@iapechina.com; niefei@exh.genertec.com.cn



  CIS Countries: Mrs. Tianyu

  Tel: +86-10-68991359

  Email: cis@iapechina.com; tianyu_natasha@mail.ru


  Africa: Mr. Wang He

  Tel: +86-10-68991892

  Email: africa@iapechina.com; wanghe9909@163.com



  Booth Consultation: Mr. Cui

  Tel: +86-10-68991735

  Fax: +86-10-68991944

  E-mail: cuipeng@iapechina.com



  Catalogue & On-site Advertising: Ms. Zeng

  Tel: +86-10-68991446

  Fax: +86-10- 68991944

  E-mail: zengxiaohua@iapechina.com



  Hotel Affairs: Ms. Lu, Mrs.Wei

  Tel: +86-10-68991375 / 1830





  Payment Details:

  Beneficiary: Genertec International AE Co., Ltd.

  Add: 12/F, West Wing of Sichuan Mansion, 1 Fuchengmenwai Avenue

  Beijing 100037, P.R. China


  Deposit Bank:Bank of China, Head Office, Banking Dept.

  Add: 1 Fuxingmen Nei Dajie, Beijing 100818, P.R. China

  Account No.: 002685 1809 4001

  Swift Code: BKCHCNBJ


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