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China - ASEAN Free Trade Area business portal was officially opened

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On January 7th, 2010, the "China - ASEAN Free Trade Area business portal" constructed by Yunnan province was officially opened, Vice Minister of the Ministry of Commerce Yi Xiaozhun and the Deputy Secretary-General of the ASEAN Secretariat Sun Dam jointly launched the website. The ceremony was presided over by Counselor Zhang Kelin of the Ministry of Commerce. Deputy Director of Yunnan Commerce Department Li Ji Ming with the Information Dissemination Dept. and ASEAN Department attended the opening ceremony. More than 500 people including 10 trade ministers of ASEAN countries attending the China - ASEAN Free Trade Area Forum, business and industrial guests and experts and scholars witnessed the grand opening of the opening of "China - ASEAN Free Trade Area business portal," the official grand opening.


China - ASEAN Free Trade Area business portal" was approved on the 12th meeting of China - ASEAN Summit in October 2009 to be built by China’s Yunnan Province. After the joint efforts of the Commerce Department of Yunan province, International Division of the Ministry of Commerce and ASEAN member countries, the website is completed in the completion period of the free trade zone. The completion of the website will provide timely, authoritative and comprehensive information about agreements, policies and business to businesses and people in China and the ASEAN countries. It is not only an official China-ASEAN Free Trade Area website, but also an application-based e-commerce platform between China and ASEAN countries. With the goal of promoting the cooperation and development of goods trade, service trade and investment related industries in the Free Trade Area, the portal website will positively improve information communication, business and trade communication and all-round opening up between China and ASEAN countries. 


Main content of the portal include: information, goods trade, service trade, investment service and related policies and laws. Each member government or enterprise can issue online information to share business information with other members. And they can achieve business introduction, product display, online trade, online payment and other e-commerce functions. The formal opening of the portal will form a status of mutual supporting and co-development between Nanning entity display platform and Kunming e-commerce platform in the China-ASEAN economic cooperation framework.

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