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New office for foreigners certificates issue offers faster service

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Kunming Police has moved the office for foreigners' certificates service to the third floor of Entry and Exit Administration Center, 118 Kuodong Road, Kunming. Nine service windows are now available for issuing foreigners' certificates in Kunming.

Number reporting queue system has come to service, and it also provides free drinking water. Some bilingual introductions, Chinese and English, for application requirements, procedure, working hours and charging standards are shown in the office.

Ouyang Hong (欧阳红), section chief of the visa office in Kunming Entry and Exit Administration Center, said nine video and audio recording equipments have been set up for nine windows to record the procedures of certificate conducting. "The previous office on Beijing Road could just provide service at two windows, and it means staff's tough work, especially for a group of foreigner at the same time. The increasing windows can help reduce the work pressure," said Ouyang Hong.

Useful Information:

What to do if a foreigner loses passport in Kunming?

Call the police. They will help issue a triplicate form after receiving reports.

Take the above-mentioned form to the police station of your community to apply for a proof about a foreigners' losing passport.

Get a new passport at the embassy.

Register at the police station of your community and Kunming Entry and Exit Administration Center.

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